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Which Titan model is best for my needs?

Several factors must be considered when selecting a Titan Tankless Water Heater including: your location, incoming water temperature, your climate, your hot water requirements, what your electrical system can support, power of unit and flow rates desired. A good guideline is to go with the most powerful Titan your electrical system can handle as the units temperature output can be adjusted. Below is a guide to assist you. (click on the model for additional data)

The Titan N-120 is our most popular model for average size homes (3 BR, 2.5 BTH). It is recommended for the more Southern states such as: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, and Hawaii. It will also work well in Apartments and Condo settings if these dwellings can support it electrically If you want an upgrade in the hot water temperature you can upgrade to the SCR3, N-160 model. For larger homes, or homes with a high demand (Jacuzzi tubs, multiple shower head set up) in these Southern states the SCR4 line, N-180 model would be recommended.

The Titan N-160 has been specifically designed for new apartment complexes and homes, where the lower line voltage of 208 VAC in the mains has been recently implemented. It was also designed and tested for optimal operational performance, with modern bathroom fixtures that feature such characteristics as Press Balancing Mixing Valves, and Flow Restricted Single Handle Valves. It also provides a water temperature upgrade from the N-120 model.

The Titan N-180 will work in just about every state across the U.S.A. with the EXCEPTION of Alaska or extreme Northern States that have extremely cold incoming water (MT, WY, SD, ND, IA, WI, MN, MI, VT, NH, ME) and is great for Southern larger homes or homes that have high demands for hot water or unique needs.

The Titan N-210 is amongst the MOST POWERFUL Titans manufactured with the exception of our new N-270 model. It will work in almost all applications across the country and into Canada. It will require two 50 AMP breakers with 6 gauge wiring. It is the ultimate in Tankless Hot Water Heaters.

The Titan N-270 is the MOST POWERFUL Titan manufactured. It will work in most residential applications across the country and into Canada. It will require two 60 AMP breakers with 6 gauge wiring. This is great for larger homes or homes with high hot water demand such as jacuzzi tubs or multi-shower head set ups. It is the ultimate in Tankless Hot Water Heaters.

The Titan N-85 is our most poplar model for condos and apartments in Florida, Louisiana, Southern Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It only requires a 40 AMP breaker. Keep in mind that Titans are also great in mobile homes, boats and just about anywhere you require hot water!

We also have other models (N-100, N-64, N-42) that we carry for applications where the Titan is tailored to the locations electrical set up or in some cases point of use applications. (see graph)

N-100 10.8 Kw 220 v 49 amps
N-85 8.5 Kw 220 v 38 amps
N-64 6.4 Kw 220 v 38 amps
N-42 42 Kw 220 v 19 amps

The Titan N-10 model is our low power model and operates off 110-120V. It will only provide warm water. It is ideal for a small sink, 1/2 bath, wetbar where only WARM water is needed.

For more information on these custom specialty models please to go SPECIALTY MODELS